How Slovakia's Soviet Ties Led to a Unique Form of Sci-Fi Architecture These photos tell the story of Soviet influence in Slovakia through sci-fi structures and a unique intersection of postmodernism and industrialization. shared a link.
Nature's Rich Palette Beautiful Scenery and Ice Skating 😍❄⛸⛸
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Edvard Munch's The Scream comes to the British Museum in April Rare lithograph of Norwegian artist’s most famous work is centrepiece of exhibition shared a link.
Van Gogh Museum Delve into Van Gogh’s paintings. Thanks for sharing Maciek Janicki Animated. #FanArt #VanGoghInspires shared Van Gogh Museum's post.
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Imperial War Museum London Sunday 11 November 2018 marks one hundred years since the Armistice that ended the First World War. Visitors gathered at IWM London to commemorate #ArmisticeDay100. shared Imperial War Museum London's post.
Van Gogh Museum ‘I myself almost don’t know which season I like best; I believe all of them, equally well. It’s striking that the old painters almost never painted the autumn and that the moderns have such a particular preference for it’, wrote ...
Van Gogh Museum Gauguin and Laval imagined an adventure to an unspoiled, heavenly place. When they discovered the reality of life on Martinique, characterised by colonialism, exploitation and racial segregation, they clung to their ideals of an idyllic, tropical island in their works.