Tate Featuring works by Bridget Riley, Frank Stella and Angela Bulloch, Op Art in Focus is now open at Tate Liverpool!
Final touches included flooding the gallery floor with Jim Lambie’s psychedelic 'Zobop', does anyone remember this work from Tate Britain ...
Whitney Museum of American Art Happy birthday to Whitney Collection artist Alexander Calder! The exact date of Calder’s birth is a bit of a mystery: Philadelphia's City Hall, the doctor who delivered him, and his own family all offer differing accounts as to whether it's ...
Bauhaus Movement Johannes Itten. 🎨 Color Sphere in 7 Light Values and 12 tones, 1921.
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Whitney Museum of American Art What’s the meaning behind the Quechua title of our new exhibition, Pacha, Llaqta, Wasichay? Hear from assistant curator Marcela Guerrero, artists, and speakers of Quechua about what these three words signify, how they relate to the artworks on view, and ...
Artsy They called him the Pablo Picasso of commercial artists.
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Tate AUDIO DESCRIPTION: Discover the story behind John Singer Sargent's Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose. Hear a detailed description of the artwork, including the colours and forms in the painting and how the artist made the work. https://goo.gl/YmK2g6
The painting is on ...
British Museum The Rosetta Stone was discovered #onthisday in 1799. It’s regarded as one of the most important ancient Egyptian objects ever found, and was the key to deciphering hieroglyphs.
Made in 196 BC, it has three inscriptions of the same decree ...
Victoria and Albert Museum The detail on this dress is breathtaking, but the sad truth is that 5,000 beetle wings and parts of wings were used to decorate it. Visit #FashionedfromNature to learn more: https://goo.gl/znHvbx
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Tate Enjoy your summer holidays 🐚
Happy Birthday David Hockney!
A Bigger Splash 1967, on free display at Tate Britain 💦https://goo.gl/Us7XaT
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